Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dyckman-200th St.

Dyckman-200th St. ("I'm Sorry" in Spanish)

Up the long flight
and out to the circle
of a park.
On the other side,
are small stores
and a great Dominican
As you head to the ATM,
only 99 cents,
courtesy of the Actors' Union
local, two tall young men
spot and greet you: " La blanca
"Muchas gracias," you yell back,
and they laugh
fit to bust a gut.
Since they've greeted you before,
it sounds as if they've noticed
and would like to talk,
but you head away
because you don't know
enough Spanish.


Lo siento.

In your gut, you like them
and the sound of words
that you are still afraid
to use.

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