Friday, March 6, 2015

I Do Not Wish To Join A Leather Group

I Do Not Wish To Join A Leather Group

No, I do not wish to join a leather group.

Have nothing against leather,
nor  against groups
per se, but I get hamstrung
can't make  conversation.

in such a group
should smack of good short words
and some stellar breathing runs,
clear sounds, short sharp shocks,
to echo Pink Floyd.

However, I see no sign
that someone would fathom
or whisper my unplumbed depths
or mount efforts
to uncover my unguessed
It goes with words
and a few sighs
and, I am sure, could be
played quite happily.
Just...not sure that skin
would glow
 and eyes flash,
 you know?

So thanks for the invite,
wish the members well,
am sure  they will draw out
each  penchant for groans,
greet the fine
curving slashes they pray.
I will continue to float
ungrouped, unspurred
uncloven, yet to raise
my candle to any planned hurt.

If you want  to grab me,

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