Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. Cardinal Hides

Mr. Cardinal Hides

The cardinal hid today.
A year ago
He came to the patio door
When I was standing just inside
And proceeded to dance
And display
As if I were a female cardinal.
But today I heard his chirrup
In one of the neighbor’s trees.
I could not see him.
When I fixed on the tree
He was in
With my ears,
I saw, amid shades of paler
And orange red,
A deep uncompromising red
Which in a month’s time
Would be a leaf
But which now, shocking
The reds around it,
Didn’t move with the wind.
Then I knew him,
But didn’t move or smile
Or call.
He was after all in hiding
And probably thought
By the stillness in which
He sat,
That nothing could see him.
I was not about to shatter
His illusions
Of camouflage.
I just hope that
Some other fauna,
Less charmed than this human,
Didn’t try to take a bite or nip
At the one leaf
That didn’t move

With the wind.

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