Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Romantic Getaway

Just read an ad for a blouse that one would supposedly wear for a "romantic getaway" on Capri. Only one thing: for fat people, especially fat women, does "romantic getaway" means someplace in which you won't be facing constant namecalling and harassment? I would bet anything that Capri would not fit the bill.

I did a couple of posts on resorts purporting to be for fat people, one of which turned out to be someone's pipe dream ("pipe" as in I don't know exactly what they were smoking when they posted about a resort that doesn't exist).

What/Where is a romantic getaway for fat people?

Madison and Boston both seemed to have quite a few places - restaurants, hotels, bookshops, concert venues - in which a fat person would not be harassed. I am not saying that all of both cities would be this way. However, I tested them both out for a while, and they both rate right up there on my mellowness meter. New York - in spots. Philadelphia - I don't know. Articles keep saying that Philadelphia is the fattest city in the northeast. Maybe it is, and maybe it's okay. Maybe people live and let live. I don't remember this being the case when I was at Temple U. and then at Penn. (And then at Gratz College right outside Phila., and Penn State/Ogontz, about seven miles north). In any case, I was stigmatized for other things there (having a bf of a different race, among them).

But does being in a place in which one is not harassed or stigmatized constitute a romantic getaway? I tend to doubt it.

Maybe the North Pole or those territories and islands near it, with the Aurora Borealis cascading across the sky in iridescent magic, would be a romantic getaway for fat people. Inuit tend not to stigmatize fat people, at least until now. Some softness goes a long way toward warming winter..

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